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 T-Mod Application

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PostSubject: T-Mod Application   T-Mod Application I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 26, 2014 9:01 pm

name- nomad123
age -15
real name-amirul


the rank im applying for is builder or helper . because from there , u can judge me if im good enough to be promoted or demoted , everything started from the bottom to the highest level. im experienced player ,if u want to crate new spawn . u can call me , im really good with building . any theme of building like valentine , christmas etc .

Why I should be staff ? / what makes you takes the staff position ?

Dont worry about myself , im matured player . i wont grief anything , ill make sure everything turns good and wont let those bad kids destroy the server .
i found this server are so cool , and im ready to make the spawn better . i really love pvp-raid server tbh. im co-owner in diamondlord's server and a moderator of icecraft , if i saw someone doing bad things . ill end him right away xD

add me on skype- amirulhatta1 , for more info .

Did You Know The Rules ?

yea , thats the first thing i read after i joined the server . RULES are the most important things that players should follow.
without the rules , the server will be destroyed as soon as possible . im strict about the rules . ill probably kick those asses if they aint follwing the rules given


raid ppl with such vibrant zeal with my teammates . cooperate with my fac member to be the best .aint giving up easily . thats my promise xD
real life:
reading books , study xD . watch pewdiepie , ksiolajidebt , i love HoN (heroes of newerth)


annoying guys who love to spam the chat . curse ppl without a reason , i hate being annoyed by them .
real life:
i hate being the last in the class , cause i felt so ashamed of it . thats why i need to study hard.


I think mine is 7-8 maybe   Wink 

How Active Are You Daily ?

If im free . ill be super active . if im busy . ill just play for 2-3 hours

What will you do if a staff/donor is abusing?

depends on the rank they had . if higher than mine . ill take screenshot , if its lower ill mute them directly

What will you do if you see someone advertising

Tempban or Ban them , cause we might lose our players in the server

What will you do if the server is being hacked?

Since im active person , ill find and report to shah . or ill handle it right away

What is the ban format suppose to look like?

/ban [name] banned: swearing and abusing ppls . [ ill take ss as the proof why i banned the player]

Will you abuse your power as a staff member

NEVER . Its good enough to be promoted  , ill use all the commands wisely .

Will you listen to all upper ranks above you?

Depends , ill threat them the way they did to me .

Will you be active on the website?

Everyday , to check any new thread or any update . its important for staff to check the website

How often will you check ban appeals and reports?

Everytime i open the website . its easier if i do that so

Do you have any experience as a staff member?

YEA ! i can fix all the perms especially  . just tell me what perms i need to fix . ill add it right away Very Happy

What is the proper way to rollback a member 2 days in a radius of 20?

ITS ~/co rollback [name] t:100h r:500'r' stands for radius in blocks. If you need to rollback everything within a 6x6 square, you would write '/co rollback r:6'
't' stands for time. For example, if you wish to rollback everything within a 6x6 square that's happened within 19 minutes, you would do '/co rollback r:6 t:19m'. s = seconds, m = minutes, h = hours. Time values may be decimal numbers as well.

I really wanted to join you guys for big journey , and i hope u can take me with everyone ! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: T-Mod Application   T-Mod Application I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 26, 2014 9:35 pm

Banned. Denied.

T-Mod Application CfUl4zb
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T-Mod Application
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