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 Trial-Mod Application Format + Info

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Trial-Mod Application Format + Info Empty
PostSubject: Trial-Mod Application Format + Info   Trial-Mod Application Format + Info I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 10, 2014 1:23 am

Trial-Mod Application Format

Your in-game name:
Server Rank:
English grammar level[1-10]:
Internet-connection[Put a link of your internet speed from]:
How active are you daily?:
What will you do if a staff/donor is abusing?:
What will you do if you see someone advertising?:
What will you do if someone is hacking?:
Will you abuse your power as a staff member?:
Will you listen to all upper ranks above you?:
Will you be active on the website?:
How often will you check ban appeals and reports?:
Do you have any experience as a staff member?:
What is the proper way to rollback a member 2 days in a radius of 20?:
Contact information[Skype, email, etc]:
Can you speak any other languages? If so, please list some languages you are fluently well with:
What time zone are you in?:
Please tell us why you would like to be a staff member:

Trial-Mod Application Info

Staffs Job

A Moderator's job is to monitor the server 24/7. They have the ability to fix griefs, protect people's houses, and get rid of most rule breaks. This job must be taken seriously as if it's your real job. Inactivity or not doing what an ideal moderator would do can get you demoted to a normal server player. Abusing your rank is a big NO NO! You will also get demoted and 2nd chances will never be given. To prove your activity as a Moderator, you must be in-game for more than 2 hours a day+frequently post on the forums. While on the forums, checking Ban Appeals is really important. If somebody a higher rank than you banned somebody, you must receive permission from the staff member to unban the rule breaker. In this topic, you will receive a basic over view of some of the commands you receive as a staff member.

Moderator Requirements

*Must be at least 14 years old [16 years old recommended]
*Must be a Helper/Donor to apply for Trial-Mod.
*You must have a good reputation in the server.
*Must have knowledge of most/all commands given.
*Must be active at least 3 hours a day.
*Must be trusted by Staff and has a high level of maturity.
*Your English skills have to very good.
*When your banning someone, you must have a reason and also have proof!
*You must respect players, and other staff members no matter what rank they are.
*You must be mature at most times.
*You may or cannot be rude/mean to other staff or players.

Core Protect Commands

/co help
Display a list of commands in-game.
/co inspect
Enable the inspector. Type the command again to disable it. You can also use just "/co i".
/co rollback 
Nearly all of the parameters are optional. Shortcut: "/co rb".
/co lookup 
Same parameters as /rollback. Shortcut: "/co l". Lookups can be used to search through block data.

Rollback Info/Examples

- /co rollback playername r: t:            
*If you viewed the video at the top, you'll see where instead of doing playername he does u:playername. You can do that or playername as well. Whatever suits you. Smile               

playername: - Brings back a build griefed by a person.
Example: Notch
time: - The time when a grief was done.
You can specify weeks,days,hours,minutes, and seconds.

Example: t:2w,5d,7h,2m,10s
Example 2: t:027h
Radius: - Brings back griefed builds in the radius.
You can use this to only rollback blocks near you.

Please watch this video for a full tutorial on how to use CoreProtect!

You must ALWAYS have a reason for banning a player and it has to be a legit reason. A bad example would be doing /ban noob101 because of him saying "You're stupid".

Banning Commands:

Banning someone for abusing: /abuser player name
Banning someone for hacking: /hacker player name
Banning someone for griefing: /griefer player name
Banning someone for advertising: /advertiser player name
IP Banning someone: /ipban
Unbanning someone: /unban

*Don't do something like /abuser playername Re: Abusing -By: StaffName -Appeal at: mineblox.malware-site.www. When you do something like /abuser it'll automatically add the message, all you need to just do is just something like this: /abuser playername. No need to add a message after it.

*It is important you stay mature at all times and act like a responsible and mature staff member of the server. Rudeness/meanness toward players or other staff members will not be tolerated. Welcome new and current players, be nice and really helpful. Make the players comfortable. Be glad to be a Moderator, don't be grouchy.

*Refer here for more help:
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Trial-Mod Application Format + Info
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