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 Guideline for MineBlox

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PostSubject: Guideline for MineBlox   Guideline for MineBlox I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 05, 2014 11:17 pm

Mostly this is just a post to clear up anything that may be happening to multiple people, from "accidental griefs" to "advertisement issues". Please make any posts if you would like to add anything to the list and/or any explanations, corrections, etc. I don't really want to make this into an official guide, but maybe be of help to people new to the server.
I saw Lego had made a post of the staff already but I'm gonna make one here too xD I forgot le ign....
Owner: ShahBloxHD
Admin: Naro
Head Moderator: DWG
Moderator(s): LegoBoy31
Trial Moderator(s): Mossy_Oak1
Helper(s): XxToxicPoptartxX
-For those who want to get the "Advertiser" rank: PLEASE ask any Moderators or the Admin for any clarifications about the rank before attempting to try. There have been people who have been warned for advertising inappropriately and have been warned or banned. Don't feel afraid to ask questions (but don't spam the same one over and over again), the staff is always available to help ♡
-DO NOT ASK FOR A RANK!!! Whether or not it is a joke, it does not make a good impression on your part.
-"Accidental Griefs" depend on the circumstance, some have been temp banned, some perm banned. Bottom line is, if you see a building that isn't a natural spawn and clearly was made by someone, don't tamper with it unless you have the owner of the structure's permission.
-Grammer an speling nasis iz ebrywere! (see what I did there?) Grammar and spelling are both important factors in your application (if you intend to try out for a rank). No one is perfect, even I, the great almighty Toki, am not perfect. If people (most likely staff) are giving you corrections to make, don't argue or give a bad attitude, just make it (unless you're certain you were right, then just state so CALMLY)
-GASP raiding isn't allowed?!?!? That's right, raiding is NOT allowed, even though there are factions, so don't just assume it is and raid anything you can, you may even end up getting your faction disbanded (Who knows~?)
Typed this all on my phone, I'll make it all pretty-ful later~♡
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PostSubject: Re: Guideline for MineBlox   Guideline for MineBlox I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 09, 2014 7:28 pm

Good Job
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Guideline for MineBlox
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