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 Trail Mod App

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PostSubject: Trail Mod App   Sun Mar 09, 2014 6:26 pm

Your in-game name:
Server Rank:Member
English grammar level[1-10]:7-8
Internet-connection[Put a link of your internet speed from]:Ping:16 MS Download: 226 Mbps Upload:5.65
How active are you daily?: 3 Hours or more on weekend/Friday School Day is 1 hour's 6-7 Est
What will you do if a staff/donor is abusing?: I would ask them to stop and if they don't i would file a Report On Staff or Kick/Ban
What will you do if you see someone advertising?: I would tell them to stop i would give them 1 chance the a Ban If staff Agrees.
What will you do if someone is hacking?:My first instinct is to ban them because there is no other way
.Will you abuse your power as a staff member?: No because i fell it is unfair to the Mine Craft comunity and other.
Will you listen to all upper ranks above you?:I  will listen to anyone even people who are lower in powers.
Will you be active on the website?: I will be as active as i can.
How often will you check ban appeals and reports?: As often as i can All the week days.
Do you have any experience as a staff member?: I was a Staff member on a game in Roblox ( and that i only kick if rules are broken.
What is the proper way to rollback a member 2 days in a radius of 20?: I don't know but i can learn.
C ontact information[Skype, email, etc]: Skype.
Please tell us why you would like to be a staff member: I would like to be a staff member to Help the player base of the server and to protect the people who are bullied on the server. I would help as much as i can and Destroy any Exploiter/Hacker.
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PostSubject: Re: Trail Mod App   Sun Mar 09, 2014 6:45 pm

You need to be helper/donor denied?
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PostSubject: Re: Trail Mod App   Sun Mar 09, 2014 7:15 pm

Hey there,

Great application, but I'm sorry. You don't meet requirements to become a Moderator, you need to be a Helper or Donor and up in order to apply for this rank. Unless if Shahblox approves of your application, although you can still have a great chance of becoming a moderator. Anyways, the proper way to rollback a grief is this way:

/co rollback playername r: t:

playername: It could be the person who built the building, or the griefer. Try using the griefer name and see if it brings back the building, or the person who built the build. I'm not sure, sorry. I forgot. If you do get moderator, I'll tell you.

r: (The radius, this is far you want to bring back a grief. Ex: /co rollback Bob r:50 t:0h this will rollback the build by the player, within your radius.)

t: (The time, do /co i and then left/right click to get details. Once you found out who built the house, *You can find this out by checking the whole building and see who commonly placed or broke blocks, that'll mean that person built that build* and then the time should be like Ex: 072/h you would do /co rollback Bob r:50 t:72h )

Also, to ban players just do /griefer, /abuser, /hacker, /advertiser, (I believe those are all the commands) and then followed by the playername. Ex: /hacker Bob. The command will then ban that player.

Good luck buddy, You're capable of anything. And Moderator is one thing you can be capable of, and I wish you the very best and don't give up.

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PostSubject: Re: Trail Mod App   Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:49 pm

Srry but you have to be a donor or helper to become a trial-mod
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PostSubject: Re: Trail Mod App   Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:10 am


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PostSubject: Re: Trail Mod App   

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Trail Mod App
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