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 Report Format + Info

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PostSubject: Report Format + Info   Mon Feb 10, 2014 7:46 pm

Report Format

Your in-game name:
Criminals name:
Date of criminals actions:
What did the criminal do?:
Coordinates[Only if a grief]:

Report Info

Has someone committed a crime? Than you should make a report now! Making a report on someone if fairly easy and doesn't take that much effort. Just upload the image/video onto a website, and I highly recommend you use Imgur or YouTube. Than make use the format above and there you go!

-If the report isn't fully made or is missing things it will be instantly denied.
-With no image(s) or video(s) than we cannot know for sure if what you say is true, therefore we cannot punish the user.
-The staff might take a while to check your report so please be patient.

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Report Format + Info
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